SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION (Good things to come!)

 Hello out there in CBT Land!


We are excited to announce our new name, new offerings, and new direction! From this point forward, our group will be known as CBT Base Camp. This means that in addition to anxiety, we will be offering support and resources for ALL things CBT. We are passionate about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and about disseminating evidence based treatments far and wide.


We are also well aware that the work we do is challenging on a professional and personal level. A base camp is a place for those preparing to embark on a challenging adventure. It provides shelter, supplies, and communication. It is our dream that CBT Base Camp will be a safe and supportive online home for mental health treatment providers, those in training, and certified advocates.


It is our hope that CBT Base Camp will be a place where vulnerability is encouraged and met with compassion, shared wisdom, resources, and support. In doing so, we ultimately become better at doing the work that we all love. Thank you all for embarking on this journey with us!