When I was applying to graduate school for Clinical Psychology, I was admittedly naive as to what I wanted out of my career. I knew I wanted to be a therapist, I knew I liked research, and I knew I wanted to live in NYC. I also realized that getting into any program would be difficult having limited publications under my belt. I didn’t know which degree would make the most sense given my interests. Someone told me a PhD lends itself to a few different career types which was appealing to someone who didn’t know what they wanted to do. I applied to most of the clinical psych PhD programs in the tri-state area. Programs that were psychodynamic, mixed, and CBT. 


 In retrospect, I am grateful that I got into Hofstra, a program with strong CBT training and a very supportive environment. Everyone comes into graduate school with different levels of clinical and research experience, though many are unaware that not all therapy is the same. Many don’t understand the importance of scientific research to determine the effectiveness of a psychological intervention.


I believe that for evidence-based practice and research to continue to grow, it is important that we reach students interested in working in the mental health field even before graduate school. If you are reading this message, in all likelihood, you have found a home and a clinical identity in the CBT world or at least utilize CBT skills within your treatment planning. 


To impact your future colleagues, we open our community of licensed practitioners and graduate students to “pre-mental health” students – vetted individuals who have decided that they would like to (or are strongly considering) entering the mental health field. We hope that we could provide guidance in their journey – one that we all traveled – and in doing so support the continued growth of our field. 

If you know of someone who is strongly considering working in the mental health field (pre-psychologists, MH counselors, psychiatrists, social workers…) and would be helped by joining this community. Please have them apply via this link.

 If you are interested in serving in a mentorship role, please click here